Are you considering working in a series but don’t know how to begin?

Are you already working in a series but you could use some guidance?

There are workshops out there which take you through the process of working in a series. They expect you to walk in the door with an idea.

This workshop provides tons of scaffolding and inspiration to help even before you take that step. This is the workshop to take BEFORE you start working in a series!

Where does the idea come from?

Why did other artists begin working in a series?

How do different artists approach working in a series?

What geeky habits are helpful when working in a series?

This is a self-paced workshop where you receive 13 Videos, Actionables and Takeaways. People often tell me that they feel like I am having a conversation directly with them when they watch the videos. Most people watch the videos more than once because there is so much to absorb. They are bursting with what I’ve learned about working in a series over the last 8 years. When you are done with this course you will be super excited to begin working in a series.

What to expect:

  • First I share everything I learned from interviewing 14 fiber artists to discover how and why they began working in a series and what makes them successful today.

  • Then I divulge my own story (how I started working in a series and how I progressed)  and I share my geeky habits.

  • Lastly, I provide some seeds and tools for critique and tips to stay focused.

You will come away confident, inspired and motivated to work.

This workshop creates a mindset shift that will forever change how you think about making art.



$199 Includes:

13 videos plus TakeAways, Actionables and extras. All downloadable.

Buddy price $149

Anyone who finds a buddy to take the workshop with them can pay $149!
Your buddy will also pay $149!

Find a buddy to take the course with you!


Registration and Payment:

To sign up send me a message and I will send you a Paypal Invoice.
If you are taking the workshop with a buddy, please tell me your buddy’s name and have them send me a message too.